How to Get Feedback on your Highest Kata

American Martial Arts Institute American Eagle Style April 24, 2020 Dear Students and Parents, Here's your mission, if you choose to accept it: Send us a video of your kata for feedback. Who: All students of American Eagle Style and American Eagle Cane Style, all ranks, all ages. What: Video yourself doing your highest kata (once) at 3/4 speed for us to see. The kata is only to be viewed by Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch. It will not be used by us in any other way (not posted publicly or shown to others), and we will delete the file after viewing it. The purpose is for us to be able to give you feedback on what you are doing well and what may need to be improved. When Please s

Tissue Mobilization for Hip Mobility

It's time to get off the couch and get mobile! Let's show you how. In this tutorial Master Jessee gives an introduction to some quick ways to improve hip mobility using a foam roller. Foam rolling is a great way to reduce restrictions in the myofascial system (muscles, tendons, and connective tissues): BEFORE a workout to reduce injury by improving ranges of motion, reducing compensatory movement patterns, and improving body mechanics** AFTER a workout to reduce post workout soreness. For TISSUE RECOVERY on rest days. Front of hip/thigh (hip flexors, quadriceps) 1-2min each side Posterior hip (gluteals, piriformis) 1-2min each side Medial/inner thigh (adductors) 1-2min each side Lateral/out

Join our Virtual Demo

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION EXTEND: Submit by Sunday at Midnight. Grandmaster Crandall and I are putting together a Virtual Martial Arts Demo and will be posting it to our website and Facebook. We will also be contacting the local news agencies so that the community will know that it is available. What is the Virtual Demo? While we are restricted from gathering together as a group, we can each perform part of a demo from our own homes. We will be editing together all of our student's submissions along with some historical demo footage. This will be our virtual demo, which we will share with the community, friends, and family. Who can join our demo? Any of registered students, all ages and ran

New Online Training and Contest Winner

Our online classes and training continues to grow, with more technique videos posted today, April 1 for all styles. More will be added soon. Our Live Feedback section is still under development and being tested this week, with the hopes of beginning to implement this aspect of training next week. More information will be released soon. Most of our students have joined us online in our members only section. If you have not, you should do so as soon as possible. How does this section work? Students should try to keep to their regular class schedule. For example, if you normally attend class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15, then on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 join us online. Put on yo

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