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Kata is a Japanese term which literally means model or pattern.  While this is a complex topic, essentially kata are a series of moves done the same each time which fight off multiple imaginary attackers.  They combine the elements of stances, blocks and strikes with the concepts of power, flow, and timing.  They challenge the student's mental focus and awareness, balance, endurance, and more.  Kata go by other names such as Forms, Poomse, Hyung, and many others.  As an American style with its roots and influences in traditional Korean, Japanese, American, and Chinese formats, our school performs kata from all four of these countries.  Colored Belts in our style first learn the 8 Pal-Gwe and Kicho (traditional Korean forms from Mudokwan).  Higher ranks learn forms originating in Japan, America, and China.  Below is a list of kata taught in the Empty Hand style, American Eagle Style.  Different forms are taught in the other styles offered by our school such as Iaido, Cane, and Kendo.  See those sections of our website for more information.  All of the kata listed below are documented in the American Eagle Style Instructional Textbook, 3rd edition, and many are also found on DVD at our main location.  These serve as reference materials for our instructors and students to maintain the consistency of the style.

American Eagle Style Forms

Basic Kata 1, 2, and 3 (Kicho)

Pal-Gwe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Chulgi 1, 2, 3

Old Koryo

New Koryo

Eye of the Eagle

Heian 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Geum Gang



Bassai Dai

Chip Jang

American Eagle


Long Hand

Aoyangi (male and female versions)

Continuity 2


Sil Lum



Bassai Sho



Hwarang Hyung

So San Hyung

Se Jong Hyung


Open Hand

Tong Il Hyung






Extension Tool Forms ("Weapons")

Tonfa: Yom Chi, Swirling Dragon

Bo: Basic Bo Kata, Summer Storm, Sushi no Kon Sho

Sai: Silver Claw, Tsukenshitaku no Sai

Kama: Kanegawa no nichigama

Sword: Dragon's Tooth (traditional iaido kata are taught in our Iaido classes...see that section of our site for those forms)

Escrima: Dragon Wings

Cane: Natural Walk, Autumn Wind (traditional cane kata are taught in our cane classes...see that section of our site for those forms)

Naginata: Omou

Eku: Kihon no Kata

Shinai: Falcon Stoop (done by Americanize Eagle Kendo style classes)

Historically taught by this school: Manriki (general flow, no formal form)  This extension tool may not be currently offered.

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