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Who teaches the Superkick Class?

All Superkick classes are taught by certified adult black belt instructors.  The program was developed by Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr., who is a retired Superintendent of Schools. He was also a high school principal, elementary school principal, and classroom teacher until he retired to teach martial arts full-time. Grandmaster Crandall trains and certifies the men and women who teach this program.

The program is overseen by 6 superkick coordinators.



















The class structure and activities are documented in a written by Master Cheryl Freleigh. Together with Grandmaster Crandall she wrote a 122-page workbook detailing the educational objectives of the program, with sections for both the parents and children. The book includes step-by-step pictures of what the students learn in class, including information about safety and awareness.


All new students receive a FREE copy of this book. Learn more here.


Six of our instructors oversee the superkick class, coordinating together to organize each seasonal session's lesson plans, topics, and staffing.

From Right to Left are: Mr. Matt Strachen, Miss Sabrina Crandall, Mr. Paul Lilley, Mrs. Gisella Stalloch, and Mrs. Amanda Crandall.  Not pictured is Miss Kyleigh Hoyle.

Together they communicate with Grandmaster Crandall about all aspect's of this class.