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Who teaches the Superkick Class?

All Superkick classes are taught by certified adult black belt instructors.  The program was developed by Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr., who is a retired Superintendent of Schools. He was also a high school principal, elementary school principal, and classroom teacher until he retired to teach martial arts full-time. Grandmaster Crandall trains and certifies the men and women who teach this program.

The program is overseen by Headmaster Stalloch who is assisted by superkick  class coordinators.




















Our instructors oversee the superkick class, coordinating together to organize each seasonal session's lesson plans, topics, and staffing.

From Right to Left are a few of our coordinators: Instructor Matt Strachen, Instructor Sabrina Crandall, Instructor Paul Lilley, Master Gisella Stalloch, and Master Amanda Crandall.

Together they communicate with Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch about all aspect's of this class.


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What is the Superkick Program?

The American Martial Arts Institute’s SUPERKICK program is an instructional class designed to meet the developmental needs of 3, 4, and 5 year old children.  This program is intended to improve the child’s social skills, listening skills, and motor skills.  They will learn to work in a group, follow instructions, and become more aware of their surroundings.

These skills will better prepare the child for the public education system and enable them to perform basic martial arts techniques.  The martial arts techniques are a secondary goal of the program.  

The primary goal is the child’s overall development, coordination, and safety.

Students also learn about important safety topics such as not talking to stranger, what to do when lost, how to find "helpers" such as firefighters, police officers, and postal workers, and much more.

The American Martial Arts Institute has been sharing this information with the community through its PSAs for many years.

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When are the classes?

The classes are 45 minutes in length and meet each Saturday at 9 am.

Fall Session: September-December
Winter Session: December-March

Spring Session: March-June

The Superkick program does not run in the summer (but all of our other classes run year round!)

Class sizes will not exceed 16 students, and the child must be fully registered within the first two weeks of the current session to participate.

What is the registration fee?
The registration fee is $165 for the entire session.
Additional family members may receive a 25% discount.

What do the children wear?

The first time a child is enrolled in the Superkick program, he or she is given a free uniform with a white belt, and a free copy of the 122-page instructional workbook for the program. Students wear a white t-shirt beneath the uniform.  No other special clothing or equipment is required.

Other educational resources used in this program include the Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure Series, a children's book series authored and illustratrated by two of our instructors.

Do the children test for ranks in the Superkick program?

Although there are no testings for belt ranking in the SUPERKICK program, there is a testing for the level identified as SUPERKICK PLUS.  Superkick Plus students are allowed to wear a special patch on their uniform and learn additional martial arts techniques.

What happens when a child turns six years old?

The American Martial Arts Institute offers separate classes for children who are 6-12 years of age. Speak with an instructor to learn more about these classes.

Can I watch a class?

YES! Call us at (315) 768-1859 to speak with an instructor and watch a class.

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