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Welcome to “Kendo for Fun”

Kendo is a very active and yet very ceremonial martial arts. It was and is a major
facet of traditional training with the katana and the Bushido lifestyle.
This kendo school exists because I have a true appreciation for kendo and have
been involved with some very traditional and quality kendo instructors and
agencies over many years. Kyoshi Chuff is my top student who has a personal
passion for kendo and what it offers its practitioners. Together we have realized
that some of our practitioners have lower back or serious knee challenges which
makes a few of the aspects of traditional, formal kendo virtually impossible. Such
as sonkyo position and even the proper execution of Fumi-komi-ashi. This is why
the style is called Americanized Eagle Kendo and promoted as “Kendo for Fun”.
Certain aspects of traditional kendo have been altered or substituted for those
enthusiastic participants with such challenges. Hence the concept of
‘Americanized’ kendo. Yet our philosophy is traditional, and our code of duty and
respect is demanding and honorable.

Our ‘Center’ or Philosophy

Understanding the philosophy of kendo and our style of kendo can give you, the
student, a strong foundation for your involvement. But actually practicing the
center or heart of the philosophy allows your training to become part of your life.
This brings forth the questions: What is the Center? What do we strive for in the
fewest terms and the most fundamental concepts? The Center of our kendo style
is to better ourselves in every way, from our smallest acts to our largest
commitments. On the back wall of our training hall is a picture of Hanshi Crandall
and Kyoshi Chuff, which is to remind us of who made our style possible. Above
that picture in the same frame is the calligraphy which states our Center. In
effect, it states why we train. The calligraphy states that we are in a daily
challenge to “Cultivate Oneself”. To use kendo and its mental and physical
demands to shape ourselves.

Obtaining the 4th edition copy of “Kendo for Fun”, the Americanized Eagle Kendo
Instructional Textbook, will help you understand and prepare for training in this
martial arts style. The Eagle Eye Newsletter will help keep you, the active
participant, informed on class times and dates, as well as the topics being




Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, Jr. is the 10th degree and founder of American Eagle Style and the American Martial Arts Institute; the Headmaster of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido/Batto-do style and school; and a 9th degree and co-founder of the American Eagle Cane Style.  With his over 28 years of kendo training and experience, he is the Hanshi or Headmaster of this Kendo style.  He has promoted the rich heritage that Kendo offers through videos, books, and his TV show over the past 25 years.




Master Nicholas Chuff is one of Grandmaster Crandall’s top students and is a 7th degree black belt and Master Instructor in American Eagle Style with over 30 years of martial arts experience. Kyoshi Chuff was one of Headmaster Crandall’s early Kendo students.  His passion and enthusiasm for this art sparked Headmaster Crandall to document his knowledge of Kendo, resulting in the two men making possible this instructional Kendo textbook for this style’s students.

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