All classes are taught by our certified adult, black belt instructors and staff.  These men and women have chosen the path of teaching this traditional style, to pass it to the next generation in the same way in which they received it.  Our instructors teach out of loyalty to the school and a personal desire to "complete" the circle by giving back to the school through their gift of time.  These black belts have chosen to take on additional responsibilities; therefore, they are certified each year to teach the American Eagle Style. When you earn your black belt, you may request in writing to be considered for the instructors' program. If accepted, you are required to do a minimum six-month internship.  Instructors wear the instructor's patch on a black top. They have students directly responsible to them, and they work directly with Grandmaster Crandall regarding these students regarding their development and testings.

New learning experiences that face students that wish to teach include:

Learning to workout on their own for regular fitness and technique skills.

There is the option to attend an instructor's class once a month. These classes are held once a month. The class is one-hour in length. These one-hour classes are not to teach the instructors how to teach, but rather this is a class in which the instructors workout and train just as the students they teach with the full format of the class.

Staff meetings are held for instructors which includes class teaching assignments for the entire school plus the learning of new methods of teaching and areas that are being added or enhanced in the style. This meeting may last two hours and allows for questions and input from the instructors.

The instructors are allowed to use the school facilities at any time and can obtain a key to any of the main locations. Fitness equipment exists in the main location for instructors' use only.


Titled instructors are our school's administrators.

Grandmaster of the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style

Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr.

Grandmaster Crandall is certified as a 10th Degree Black Belt and is the Head of the American Martial Arts Institute. Learn More about Grandmaster Crandall's background on our Founder's Page.

Master of American Eagle Style
Eric Stalloch

A Few Words from the Grandmaster:

What has been written about me gives the foundation and the direction of our school.  To know the school’s future direction is to know something about Master Eric Stalloch.  In August of 2013 I designated and certified Master Eric Stalloch as my successor.


To learn more about Master Stalloch click here.

He is also Headmaster, 10th Dan of the American Eagle Cane Style.

Masters in American Eagle Style and the Titled Instructors

There are two administrative titles within our organization: Senior Instructor and Chief Instructor.  These two titles are not earned ranks; they are appointments by the Grandmaster to people who are taking on administrative responsibilities. These appointments are not permanent and may be removed and shifted to others based on school needs.

There is a Master Instructor status which is added to an individual's name if they pass the 7th Degree exam. This person is referred to as a Master in the style.  Similar to earning their black belt this title is theirs forever.

There is no limit to the number of people who may hold the title Master Instructor, and a 7th degree black belt may one day test for the rank of 8th degree black belt, the last level of black belt for which there is a testing in American Eagle Style. The rank of 9th degree may be held by only one individual. There may be only one 10th degree black belt, the highest rank in American Eagle Style; this person is the Grandmaster, a title which passes to the current Grandmaster's designated successor. The title of Grandmaster and 10th degree are passed together. Grandmaster Crandall has identified Master Eric Stalloch as his successor,

The title of Master exists in one other context in American Eagle Style. The title Master OF the Style. This title may only be held by one individual, and they are the designated successor to the Grandmaster. This individual's belt no longer possess red tips to indicate rank, rather their belt is embroidered with their name and the title Master. 

Speak with your instructor if you have any questions regarding these titles, ranks, and positions. The head of the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style is Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr., who is the founder of the school and style. This title and rank was bestowed to him by a council of Grandmaster's. For more information speak with your instructor and read the section of this website about Grandmaster Crandall.


Master Cheryl Freleigh
Master Instructor, 7th Degree. Master Freleigh is the co-author of the Superkick Workbook.  Certified Director of the Superkick programSecure Living Online board member.

Master Nicholas Chuff
Master Instructor, 7th Degree. Co-producer of the instructional DVD: American Eagle Style Self-Defense, Volume 1.  Co-author of the book: Kendo for Fun, Americanized Eagle Kendo.

Master Nathan Morris
Master Instructor, 7th Degree. Co-author of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido Workbook Text and Kyoshi in Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall school of Iaido.  Assisted in production of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido and Batto-do DVDs.

Master Linda Möller
Master Instructor, 7th Degree.  Co-author of Moving Beyond Disabilities with Grandmaster Crandall.

Master Lynn Jessee

Master Instructor, 7th Degree. Certified Superkick Instructor. She is also a Master Instructor in American Eagle Cane Style (9th Dan and a founder along with Grandmaster Crandall and Master Stalloch).  She is a senior canemaster in the American Cane System. Co-producer of the instructional DVD Cane-Fu: Moving Beyond DisabilitiesSecure Living Online board member.  She is the co-author of the book Women's Self Defense in a Changing World.


Mrs. Amanda Crandall

Instructor, 6th Degree. Author of the Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure Series of children's books including Down Block for Defense and others.

Dr. Bret Jessee
Instructor, 6th Degree.

Mr. Steve Riley
Instructor, 6th Degree. Certified Superkick program instructor.


Mr. Mark Sanson
Instructor. 6th Degree. 

Ms. Gisella Stalloch

Instructor, 6th Degree.  Certified Superkick program instructor.

Mr. Tim Stalloch

Instructor, 6th Degree.

Mr. Dean Johnson
Instructor, 5th Degree.

Mr. Paul Lilley
Instructor, 5th Degree. Certified Superkick Instructor.

Mr. Arturo Santiago
Instructor, 5th Degree.

Miss Sabrina Crandall
Instructor, 5th Degree.

Miss Mary-Margaret Krukonis
Instructor, 4th Degree.

Mr. Mark Spiridigloizzi
Instructor, 4th Degree.

Mr. William Walker

Instructor, 4th Degree. Certified Superkick Instructor.

Mr. John Freleigh
Instructor, 3rd Degree.

Mr. Josef Byrne
Instructor, 3rd Degree.

Dr. Peter Hotvedt
Instructor, 3rd Degree.

Miss Eve Mizgala
Instructor, 3rd Degree.

Miss Kyleigh Hoyle
Instructor, 3rd Degree.

Mr. Matthew Strachen

Instructor, 2nd Degree.

Mrs. Maria Quintal

Instructor, 2nd Degree.


Mrs. Edna Rodriguez

Staff, 2nd Degree.

Mr. Adam Ellis

Staff, 1st Degree.

Adult black belt students, 18 years of age or older, who are interested in the instructors program, or becoming staff should speak with their instructor.

Retiree Status

The American Martial Arts Institute which teaches American Eagle Style has been doing so for many years. It is proud of its staff and the professional teaching and martial arts skills they demonstrate. In recognition of the years of dedication by many individuals not only to their personal training but also their commitment to passing on this beautiful and traditional art form our school recognizes the position of retiree. There are many possible reasons that an instructor may choose retiring such as health, family, job, or simply time, but their desire to retire from the demands of teaching and weekly commitments to classes does not mean they have changed in their love of the art or our school.

A retiree is an individual who has earned the rank of Fifth Degree and has been an instructor for at least the last four years of their involvement with the school. They are required to attend a minimum of two of the four staff meetings each year after their retirement. Their uniform consists of all white pants, a white tee shirt, and a white top trimmed in black.

Some aspects of this position are: Retirees do not teach or help on the training floor. They may come to watch or help organize events (such as the FunShop, Adult Seminar Day, Teenage Seminar Day, Weapons Competition, Sparring Competition, and Instructors Classes), help in the office if they wish, participate in any seminars for staff that the school may have. They are welcome to any of the Black & Brown Belt Luncheons. They may come in and train with their instructor so as to maintain their skills and forms although they will no longer be testing for additional rank. They are also welcome to participate in any school trips.

The following individuals have chosen to remain involved in the American Martial Arts Institute as Retired Instructors:

Mr. Don Brown
Retired Instructor, 5th Degree.

Mr. Tim Cumings

Instructor, 5th Degree.

Mrs. Marilyn Stalloch
Retired Instructor, 5th Degree.