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Our Training Hall (aka: dojo in Japanese, dojang in Korean)

Our 6,400 square-foot location provides a clean and professional educational environment for training.

What are our facilities?


3 Large Training Floors

Three separate floors allow for multiple programs and diversified instruction. 

For example, room 1 might be used for beginners for more individualized attention, while room 2 and/or three is used for higher ranks.  With multiple adult black belt instructors for every class, we are able to divide groups for different instructional groups.  In addition, we are able to hold special classes such as cane or iaido in room 3 while empty-hand classes are held in rooms 1 and 2.

4 Changing Rooms

We have separate changing rooms for men, women, and instructors.  We know you have a busy schedule.  This allows you to change before or after class.

2 Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms allow for private discussions with parents and students.  They are also in our special seminars, programs, and staff training.  With projection units, white boards, conference tables, and chairs, these rooms provide a professional and educational environment.


Our library contains study cubicles, tables, and shelves of martial arts books.  It also has dozens of photo albums with our school's history going back to the 1950's.  This room is used by students to prepare for brown belt and black belt written exams, to learn more about our school, or to complete homework from school while waiting for a family member's class to end.​


Our staff office is used by instructor's and school administrators, but it also allows for meetings with students, prospective members, or parents.


We are wheelchair accessible.  We have five bathrooms for students and guests.

Observation Areas

All three training floors have observation areas.  This allows you to watch a class.  It also allows parents who an area to observe a class.


We have a main showcase with our books, DVDs, and equipment.


We also have modern, professional training equipment. This includes wall-to-wall mats (for self-defense, floor skills, and take downs), hanging heavy bags, wave master and "bob" kicking bags, block pads and shields, jump ropes, ab rollers, push up bars, safety equipment, computerized force reader, hand weights, rubber training knives and guns, flex master (stretching machine), padded training gear, extension tools including (bo, sai, kama, tonfa, naginata, half-moon staff, swords, canes, escrima), and more.


The walls of our facility are decorated with pictures of our staff, certifications, legislative resolutions and proclamations of recognition, and pictures for world trips and community involvement.


Parking is convenient with spaces surrounding the entire facility.  Wheelchair accessible.


Full-Time Professional Training Hall for Traditional Martial Arts

Where are we located?

8382 Seneca Turnpike: New Hartford, New York 13413 (315.768.1859)

We are just up the road from Pizza Hut, but located before Danielle's Banquette Hall (across the road from par tech)

Just look for our sign by the road and on our building.



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