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  • Certified, adult, black belt instructors

  • Improve self confidence

  • Improve balance

  • Learn self defense and more!

American Eagle Style's children's classes are structured for students 6 to 12 years of age. Grandmaster Crandall's background includes years as a classroom teacher, elementary school principal, high school principal, and superintendent of schools in New York State.


Based on his strong belief in a sound educational approach to the teaching of American Eagle Style, children 6 to 12 years old have their own class time that takes into consideration the unique educational needs of this age group.


However, students are taught American Eagle Style, responsible for the same requirements, knowledge, and traditional martial arts attitude of adults.


Separate classes exist for students over 13 years old. Students who are under 13 years old, and who have earned their first colored belt, may request permission from their instructor to attend adult classes. However, these students are expected to function in the adult classes at the adult pace, since this class is structured for adults.



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How long are classes?


Classes are 1-hour in length. Children ages 6-12 register for 2 classes per week as beginners (white-orange belts), either on Tuesdays/Thursdays or Monday/Wednesday.


Once the student earns the rank of yellow belt, they may attend adults classes, too, with their instructor's permission. See an instructor for details.

Who are the instructors?


All classes are taught by certified, adult black belt instructors. All of the instructors must be separately certified to teach and re-certified annually.


These professional men and women are not paid, rather their volunteer their time to "complete the circle" or give back to others what they have received from the school. As such, instructors train in classes separate from the other students. 

Who will be my instructor?


Every student of American Eagle Style is a student of Grandmaster Crandall. However, each new student is assigned to an instructor who "their instructor."


This instructor is responsible to Grandmaster Crandall for your training and determines when you test for belt ranks. Likewise, you are "their student" are accountable to both them and Grandmaster Crandall. This gives you the important "student-teacher" relationship that is essential to your training, understanding of the style, and progression.

Your instructor teaches on a particular night; therefore, the night you sign up for will help to determine your instructor. You may attend class on any Adult Class night, however. Every instructor, including Grandmaster Crandall, will teach you, as well.

What do I learn in class?


Each class follows a predictable, educational structure. Each class begins with stretching.


This is followed by punches, kicks, basic forms (blocks and counters), and katas.


Once these instructional areas have been covered the class may do one of a number of other areas including: self-defense, ippon kumites, bag work, sparring, takedowns, and more. This part of class can change each time. This way, each time you attend class you have an area that is anticipated and an area that is variable.


Each rank may learn different kicks, basic forms, katas, et cetera.

Can I watch a class?


Yes. You are welcome to watch a class and speak directly with our instructors.



Many of our instructors have authored books on the martial arts and self-defense.  As a gift, please download this article by Headmaster Stalloch on 10 tips for teaching your child self defense.  Click the pdf icon above.

What are some of the benefits of training?


The martial arts were designed for adults, men and women with lives full of responsibilities. Training in American Eagle Style can help to reduce stress, build confidence, improve balance and flexibility, improve cardiovascular strength, and is enjoyable.

One of the strengths of the American Martial Arts Institute is that it is not only for children. In fact, it is intended for adults, but beneficial for children.


The men and women who are part of this school come from diverse backgrounds and range in ages, body types, and time commitments.


Do students spar?


Yes, but only once they have earned their first colored belt rank. Sparring is a skill that can be both fun and challenging.


It benefits the students with a cardiovascular workout, helps to develop blocking skills, and teaches the student to better read body language while dealing with energy of another individual. 

Sparring is under strictly controlled conditions and is intended to be educational. Therefore, all students must wear headgear, hand gear, footgear, a mouth guard, (and males must wear a groin cup).


No contact is permitted to the head whatsoever, but points may be scored to the head. Instructors do not spar students.


Only students spar other students, and this is done with concern for one another as training partners. All matches are run by a certified instructor.


For more information speak with an instructor.

What if I have more questions?


Contact Us and speak with one of our instructors: 315.768.1859


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