Hear what our students have to say about training with us.

Edna Rodriguez-Plate (Adult Student)

When the stay at home order descended upon us back in March, one of the first things I was bummed about was the closing of our martial arts school.  However, I was surprised to see how much material and informational videos [our school] had put on the web to help our training as we go through the tough period of the pandemic.  Training at home during these months helped me focus on the positive while it also helped to release many of the emotions that came with the unexpected changes of our daily lives.  This is one of the many lessons I have embraced from our school: when life gets tough, just keep training.  No matter what, just keep training!

Dylan Fedor (Student, Teenager)

The private sessions have helped me have an activity for my mind and for my body.  They have helped me get out of the house and do something fun.

Adam Ellis (Adult Student and Parent)

The American Martial Arts Institute was instrumental for me and my family during the Covid-19 pandemic.  They gave us access to a tremendous amount of online content.  This allowed us to continue to train at home.  Training at home helped us to stay focused mentally and allowed us to stay active physically.  The ability to train at home also gave us a sense of normalcy when most other aspects of our lives were turned upside down

Isaiah Handy (Student, Teenager)

When I go to the private sessions, I feel that I am in a very safe environment.  The safety protocols put into action for Covid-19 are efficient and easy to follow.  The instructors do a very good job enforcing social distancing.

Shana King (Adult Student and Parent)

As our world has been altered around us, restricting and even closing where and when we can go places, we look to find a new "normal" to our day.  As we navigate through these challenges, it is vital that we achieve balance, that we are able to take time, to close our eyes, take a deep breath, hold it for  a moment and allow ourselves to open our minds.  At the American Martial Arts Institute, we have the opportunity to focus on the traditions and techniques of the Martial Arts.  The instructors at AMAI share and offer to teach and provide students through private sessions.  These sessions allow students a chance to focus our energies - deepening our knowledge, improving our skills, and exciting our emotions. 


For those that are students of the American Martial Arts Institute, we are fortunate to have those that are committed to us, their students.  Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch and the entire staff of instructors have followed all guidelines and regulations to ensuring that students could resume their training through private sessions each week.  As you walk through the door, you are greeted with a temperature check and sanitizer.  Students and staff are appropriately spaced throughout the training hall, generally no more than one instructor is on the floor at a time and as needed the [session] is split into smaller groups using the other training halls in addition to regularly going outside for sessions.  

As a student, I am also a parent to an 11-year-old student of AMAI.  The moment that the doors were opened and students were allowed to resume training both I and my daughter immediately resumed training.  I am confident in the staff, their efforts and the controls which have been put into place to ensure our safety and others.  We thank Grandmaster Crandall, Headmaster Stalloch, and all the instructors as we look forward to the opportunity to learn and train with them in person each week.

Ed Salsberg (Adult Student)

I have a monotonous job and training helps keep my mind at peace while being in lockdown.

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