Safety Plan Training for Phased Re-Open

While the school doors were closed, our staff met recently to prepare for phased re-opening. Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch trained the staff in all safety protocols following our written safety plan as outlined by the department of health for New York State. The meeting was conducted following all social distancing and safety guidelines. A few of the topics included our cleaning protocols, distancing and reduced density protocols, sanitation stations, and tentative schedule to bring students back gradually for in-person training sessions. We will be posting new 30 minute training videos for our students online in our members only section starting later this week.


We are excited to share with you how we will reopen our doors for in person instruction. Please take the time to read this entire post and contact Headmaster Stalloch directly by email at with any questions. As guidelines and regulations continue to be updated, this post will be updated to reflect how we are in compliance. We understand that it is a lot of information, but it is very important that you familiarize yourself with all of this information. We are pleased to be a professional service that provides instruction which improves our members health, awareness, personal safety, self confidence, self esteem, self awareness, and mental and emotional well-being

School Wide Online Class: Some Photos

Last night's school-wide online class was a great success. Over 90 instructors and students trained together using the video class session. Grandmaster Crandall shared some pictures after doing the class last night, too. He said, "we are all students of the martial arts, and we all need to train; that was a good workout." We will putting together more videos regarding testing expectations for each rank in the coming week and posting them in the near future in our members only section. Also, visit AMAI-EagleStyle.comfor our most recent information regarding our re-opening plans.


Dear Students and Parents, We want to share with you information regarding our anticipated re-opening details and what to expect for your training in the next few weeks. First, Below you will find a notification that went out to all of our instructors and staff last week regarding an Informational Staff Meeting for COVID-19 and School Re-opening. We do not have the specific date, but plans are in place and preparations are being taken. We look forward to sharing our schedule and plan to re-open in the near the future, but first we must meet as a staff. Second, we are currently producing a new series of videos for our members only section. These videos will explain the requirements for eac

Special Live Class on Thursday, May 14

Dear Students and Parents, While social distancing requirements continue, we want to bring the school together for a special class, online. The class will be broadcast through our website and YouTube on Thursday, May 14 at 7 pm, and it will be approximately 30 minutes in length. When done, this class will not be posted to watch again or repeat. This is a special "live" event, meant to bring the school together in a shared experience. While you would be training at home, you would know that your fellow students and instructors are training along with you. We are hoping that all of our students will come together to share their ki energy, positive thoughts, enthusiasm, and love for the ma

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