Pink Belt Program

PINK BELTS EARNED TO PROMOTE CANCER AWARENESS Local martial artists partner with the American Cancer Society to raise cancer awareness You probably know someone with a black belt, but do you know how to earn a pink belt? That's what local children and adults, ages 6 to 80, have been doing at the American Martial Arts Institute. Collaborating with the American Cancer Society’s Utica office, local martial arts expert Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, designed a community program for his students to increase cancer awareness and earn their pink belts. Cancer touches nearly every family, and ignorance of cancer spreads fear as fast as the malignant cells themselves. The best way to combat fear is w

Black Belt Training Seminar

Black Belt Training Seminar Weekend - Niagara Falls On the weekend of May 5, 2017, Grandmaster Crandall and the five Master Instructors taught a series of seminars to 26 American Eagle Style black belts on a martial arts training trip at Niagara Falls. Grandmaster Crandall has led similar trips to train and perform in China, Russia, Japan, Australia, Italy, and the Caribbean, but this trip was designed to be taught over the course of a weekend and took place in the United States. The seminar was held at the Sheraton at Niagara Falls and a conference room was reserved for the group. Each class taught on the cruise was designed to enhance the students' understanding and skill in the American E

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