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Pink Belt Program

PINK BELTS EARNED TO PROMOTE CANCER AWARENESS Local martial artists partner with the American Cancer Society to raise cancer awareness

You probably know someone with a black belt, but do you know how to earn a pink belt? That's what local children and adults, ages 6 to 80, have been doing at the American Martial Arts Institute. Collaborating with the American Cancer Society’s Utica office, local martial arts expert Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, designed a community program for his students to increase cancer awareness and earn their pink belts.

Cancer touches nearly every family, and ignorance of cancer spreads fear as fast as the malignant cells themselves. The best way to combat fear is with knowledge, and the Pink Belt program aims to arm the mind with a better awareness and understanding. There are three methods to earn this unique rank.

First, children ages six to 17 can take home a test, which is age specific. They may seek help from their parents, teachers, and family in answering the questions, and by completing and discussing the questions with their family, they become better informed. Parents are provided resources from the American Cancer Society, which helps them to answer the questions in a way they feel is appropriate for the age and needs of their child.

The second method is primarily for adults who may choose to become involved as a volunteer for one of the many events organized by the ACS.

The third method is to spread awareness independently through diverse options including writing an article for a work newsletter, handing out awareness literature, and others.