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COLUMN: Horseback Riding - An Activity Often Overlooked by Seniors

Clifford Crandall Jr., Sentinel columnist

Grandmaster Clifford Crandall Jr. has a message for everyone over age 60: “Get up, get moving, and enjoy yourself!” Crandall has produced a video series, “Still Alive and Kicking,” promoting life-enhancing activities for seniors. Crandall said he got the idea for the series about three months ago when he realized he would soon be 75 and saw what he describes as resignation from people as they age.

Each month, Crandall will feature a column about a specific activity, and post a 60-second video showing him involved in each activity with family and friends, encouraging others to go out and give it a try.

For October, Crandall chose the topic of Horseback Riding.

Look for his monthly column whereever newspapers are sold.


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