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Weapon's Competition

The American Martial Arts Institute's annual weapons competition was held at the main location in New Hartford, New York on Saturday, April 8, 2017. While the overall aim of the competition is to promote school camaraderie, this event has become an essential part of the student's growth and training in the American Eagle Style, and it plays a role in a student qualifying to test for higher ranks. American Eagle Style is an empty-hand style founded on traditional martial arts principles. This school maintains a martial arts standard for attitude and etiquette, which must be demonstrated consistently for a student to test. The American Martial Arts Institute provides several ways for students to demonstrate their positive attitude, involvement in the school, concern for fellow students, etiquette, respect, and in other areas essential for continued growth in the style to meet the expectations for their rank. One of these events is the weapons competition.

The American Martial Arts Institute currently offers ten extension tools for its students: the tonfa, eku, bo, sai, kama, sword, escrima, naginata, half-moon staff, and cane. Training with these tools has a noticeable benefit for the student's empty-hand skills. They promote strength, power, focus, and mental discipline as the student learns to control an extension of their body in the form of the traditional weapon. It also provides the opportunity to see students from other class nights and to support them with a positive attitude.

The extension tools are not taught in regular classes. Instead students may choose to challenge themselves in the use of one or more of these tools, expanding their knowledge of t