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Mother's Day Class

On Friday, May 6, 2016 the American Martial Arts Institute held our annual Mother's Day Classes. These special classes allow families to train together for one night. Students may bring their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or other female guardians, and students who are mothers can bring their children. This year over 25 family members train together, practicing punches, kicks, basic forms, katas, and self-defense, but more importantly, they shared in the excitement and camraderie that traditional martial arts promote. The American Martial Arts Institute is a second home for its students, and it was wonderful to have so many families who support their training to join us on the training floor for a night of traditional martial arts training. This year we utilized all three training floors, which allowed the families to spread break into smaller groups led by different instructors. The instructors moved from group to group throughout the night so that they worked with every student and guest. The students also helped their mother to learn part of their highest kata. The group came together into one training floor at the end of the night for self-defense. The instructors assisting Master Stalloch this year included Master Morris, Mrs. G. Stalloch, Miss Krukonis, and Mr. Faulkner.

In June, we will hold the annual father's day class. Forms are now available!

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