Color Belt Test Results

Results for the testing held at the American Martial Arts Institute on January 15, 2020 The following students have tested for new rank: Junior Rank Jenna Smith is now a Yellow Belt If your name appears on this list, see your instructor to receive your test results. All testings are posted within two weeks of the test date at the main location and on the American Martial Arts Institute web site.

Community Engagement Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new program a year in the making. The program is called the Community Engagement Lecture Series. Below you will find more information about the program including the year's calendar. Three spots will be reserved for American Martial Arts Institute members each month. If you are a community member, you may register by clicking HERE. Space is limited. If you are a member of the American Martial Arts Institute and wish to attend, speak directly with Headmaster Stalloch for more information. There is a separate registration process. Program Mission Clifford Crandall, Jr. and Eric Stalloch, co-founders of Secure Living Online and professiona

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