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The American Martial Arts Institute American Eagle Style Superkick Workbook is a 122-page informational guide for students and parents. The book has five chapters. The Superkick program is the American Eagle Style at its most fundamental, taught by certified instructors for 3, 4, and 5 year old girls and boys. The program and information in the book will help prepare children for the public education system and enable them to perform basic martial arts techniques. The book includes puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and question and answer sections that relate to the material that is presented.


The book also contains information for students of the American Martial Arts Institute of all ages and ranks including background information about Grandmaster Crandall, the school's uniforms, patches, belts, titles, master status, and the difference between master in the style and master of the style, the school philosophy, basic factual information, how to tie the belt, basics, and much more. It is required for students below the age of 13 to test for orange and yellow belt, and it is required for students over the age of 13 to test for black belt, though they are encouraged to get this important resource at any rank. Note: students who are 13 or older are required to get the book Be Safe Physically and Mentally with the Crandall System to test for yellow belt. See your instructor if you have questions.

Chapter One: Parental or Guardian Information

  • American Eagle Style History

  • Superkick Program Description

  • Objectives (Goals) for the Superkick Program

  • Methods and Means to Achieve Objectives (Tasks)

  • Uniforms, Belts, and Instructors

  • Some Common Questions

Chapter Two: Student Knowledge and Information

  • How to Tie My Belt

  • How to Make a Proper Fist

  • Stretching Procedures

  • Stances

  • Horse Stance Center Punch

  • Basic Kicks

  • Basic Forms

  • Pal-Gwe One (First 5 moves)

  • Pal-Gwe One (next 3 moves to top of "I" pattern)

  • Instructor's Comment Sheet

  • Self-Defense Techniques

  • Tumbling

  • Questions of Students about our School and Style

Chapter Three: Student Physical Skills and Information

  • Ten Tips of Tots

  • Points of Information for Parents

  • Who are Strangers

  • Who are identified as Helpers

  • Freeing yourself up from a Grab

Chapter Four: Growth in Future Program
Superkick Plus Students
Superkick Plus Goal Sheet and Requirements Explained
Transitioning to Regular Children's Classes--What to expect

Chapter Five: Other Resources Available

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