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American Eagle Cane Style Instructional Textbook

Authors: Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, Jr., Master Eric Stalloch, and Master Lynn Jessee

Within these covers you will find a traditional martial arts style, that when put into practice, can shape you into a more physically and mentally responsive and active individual.


Through this style, the cane, which is already a powerful, adaptive tool, becomes an extension of the mind and body and means to strengthen the self.  This strength, in turn, can be used to make a positive difference in the lives of one’s family and community.  This style can also result in the ability to use a cane, umbrella, and  a variety of everyday items as tools for effective self-defense.  Through physical action with the cane, we can stimulate the mind to improve how we feel about ourselves in a constantly changing world, delay the natural effects of aging to remain active and independent, and challenge ourselves to be our very best.  This textbook seeks to share the style with the world to see, while providing another method for the instructor’s of this style to maintain consistency for its standards of quality.  

In these pages you can:

  • Learn about the history of the cane including its use for hundreds of years around the world

  • Learn about philosophy, etiquette, and other traditional aspects of this style

  • Learn 22 Basic Forms including moving blocks, strikes, and combination techniques

  • Learn swings, twirls, figure-eights, reversing the horn, exchanging hands, and overhead twirls

  • Learn guard hand techniques including down block, side punch, high block, and others

  • Learn Basic Cane Kata and the five Reflection Forms

  • Learn advanced forms including Natural Walk, Anvil, Autumn Wind, Briar Patch, Valley, and Old Man with a Cane.

  • Learn 75 CTs (Cane Techniques) which serve as a foundation for advanced self-defense.

  • Learn Three Point Sparring

  • Learn about cane types, features, proper care and storage, and more.


Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, Jr., Master Eric Stalloch, and Master Lynn Jessee are the founders of the American Eagle Cane Style.  Their combined 118 years of traditional martial arts training and experience, and their unique professional backgrounds, bring an educational approach to this style that has allowed it to be shared around the world.  Grandmaster Crandall is the founder and head of the American Martial Arts Institute and American Eagle Style.  He is also Headmaster of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido.  He is a retired Superintendent of Schools in New York State.  Masters Stalloch and Jessee are instuctors in the American Eagle Style, with Master Stalloch an 8th Degree Black Belt and Grandmaster Crandall’s successor, and Mrs. Jessee is a 6th Degree Black Belt.  Master Stalloch is a certified New York State teacher and Mrs. Jessee is a certified Physical Therapist Assistant in New Hampshire.  More information is available inside these covers.

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