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Be Safe Physically and Mentally with the Crandall System

Be Safe Physically and Mentally with the Crandall System was written by Master Eric Stalloch and coauthored by Grandmaster Crandall. This book documents the four levels of the Crandall System and was written to heighten the awareness of people of all ages. It is 160 pages in length and contains dozens of self-defense techniques that are both described in text and complimented by step-by-step full-color photographs.

Level One: Children's Self-Defense and Awareness

Level one is intended for children 12 years of age and younger, and it presents information on a variety of topics including dealing with strangers, what to do when lost, the buddy system, fire safety, and much more. In includes several escape techniques aimed at child abduction prevention. It also provides educators and parents with the objectives and teaching philosophy of the Crandall System. The Crandall System educates men, women, and children of all ages regarding dangers that face them everyday and provides them with effective solutions so they may feel more secure in their daily lives. 

Level Two: Teenager's Self-Defense and Social Awareness

Level two is intended for young adults 13-19 years of age, and it presents information about peer pressure, driving safety, bullying, internet safety, exercise safety, and more. It includes escape techniques not covered in level one.

Level Three: Women's Self-Defense and Assault Prevention 

Level three is for women basically 16 years and older. It is written for individuals who may never have trained in the area of self-defense before and who may not consider herself athletic. The strongest part of our body is our mind, and the knowledge within it arms us with the tools that can make a difference in our daily lives. It includes information about the purse, assaults, knives, guns, and a covers a variety of techniques.


Level Four: Senior Citizen's Self-Defense and Secure Living

Level four is for adults of all ages, but it includes areas specific to senior citizens. It provides suggestions, which should help to make men, and women feel more comfortable regarding some of the more common situations that can occur in daily life. Some topics include travel, securing your home, exercise, identity theft, and more. This section covers self-defense from a seated position and a variety of techniques using a walking cane.

Secure living covers all areas of life. Home security, family security, personal security, and more. Whether you’re in a local store or traveling in a foreign country. This handbook will touch on all of these areas with information that once understood, can help you feel more secure about your life.

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