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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Superkick Class Has a Special Visitor

Our Superkick Class for 3-5 year olds meets during the Fall, Winter, and Spring as three month sessions, but this age group takes the summer off. Our regular classes for ages 6-12, teenagers, and adults go year round.

This past Saturday, June 18, was the last class for our Spring Session, and the kids had a special visitor: Baby Shark! After a fun-filled class of punches, kicks, basic forms, and kata practice in small groups, the entire class came together for a musical activity.

The martial arts arms the mind with knowledge, the body with skills, and excites the emotions. The activity had the students using pom-poms to cheer and sing and move to the song Baby Shark. Then a giant shark made a special appearance and the students simply exploded with excitement.

A group picture was taken at the end of the class. All students pictured had their parent's permission to be photographed.

Our Fall Superkick Session starts September 10th!


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