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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Distance Training

Iaido taught in the traditional way as Headmaster Crandall does is a challenge of mind as much as it is of skill.  The old path taught to Headmaster Crandall by his instructor is a true path of the Bushi.   Long distance training, similar to a long distant relationship, requires much from the individual involved and has many paths that can easily lead you astray.

One of Headmaster Crandall’s long distant students in this old and demanding art form is Shane Shaffer, who lives in Montana.  Through e-mail and our website Shane trains throughout the year.  Each year he commits himself to traveling back to Headmaster Crandall and the training dojo.

On Shane’s return this year he spent time with Headmaster Crandall reviewing the philosophy of Bushido history and the application of its role in current daily life. Along with this, Kyoshi Morris also worked with Shane to polish his present katas.  On another day Shane spent time demonstrating his level of skill and knowledge in Iaido techniques for Headmaster Crandall.

Based on Shane’s success he was taught two more katas by Headmaster Crandall, the katas Ri-ken and Yoko-ichi-monji.  Some footage of Shane being taught these katas is shown here.


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