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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Train With Us At Home By Video

Dear Students and Parents,

While our physical training hall is temporarily closed due to restrictions due to COVID-19, our commitment to teaching you has not wavered. We are pleased to be able to bring our instruction into your home digitally through AMAI-EagleStyle.Com. We aim to bring you training with us in three steps.

First, we are launching our TRAIN WITH US AT HOME BY VIDEO Webpage. This page will have pre-recorded videos with Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch (and their family members at times to assist in demonstration). You will be able to follow along at home by reading the short descriptions with the videos, watching the videos, and training at home. We will be posting new videos here all week.

Second, we intend to launch two full classes which you may follow along to at home. These will include a full class workout that will serve as the core of your training for the day. We will then post add-on segments for instruction that would normally take place during the "second half" of class.

Third, we will be launching an interactive opportunity. We are working out the details to this now, and will have more information for you soon. It is important for you to see and hear from us, but we also want to be able to see and hear from you. We will post how this will be possible in the near future.

We are also looking into a website section for MEMBERS ONLY. While some of the videos described above are public for now. We plan to provide our students and parents with an exclusive section with videos just for them. More on this soon.

We will be holding some fun contests

and activities for you with PRIZES!

Here is our First Contest:

Take a picture of yourself training at home in your uniform.

Email it to

We will post these pictures on our website, Facebook and Instagram so you and your fellow students can see each other training!

We will select one entry at random on Friday, March 28.

The winner will receive a new Uniform and gift certificate for a free weapon's class.

Keep Training,

Headmaster Stalloch

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