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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Charity Glow Ball Tournament

Each year Grandmaster Crandall organizes an event to promote camaraderie among the black belts (instructors, staff, red tops, and students). In the past these events have included training cruises, international performance teams, weekend seminars, the pink belt program, and others. This year, on June 15, 2019, Grandmaster Crandall organized our Charity Glow Ball Tournament.

This was an opportunity to laugh, have fun and relax together. Students did not need to be good at playing golf (in fact, they didn't even need to know how to play). All four of our martial arts styles participated, which included the empty hand, iaido, cane, and kendo styles. This event was about doing something different and fun with some of the proceeds going to a worthy cause. This year the donation went to the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) in Utica. CABVI staff members also joined in the fun, including Mr. Steve Gannon. $484 was donated to CABVI and Mr. Gannon said the money would be used to help send kids to Camp Abilities this summer.

The Glow Ball event was held at Holland Heights in Herkimer, New York. The night began with all 17 teams (teams of 4) decorating their carts with lights, glow sticks, speakers, and more. This was followed by the "parade of carts" at 8 pm, with Grandmaster Crandall leading all of the teams through a preview of all 9 holes in the daylight. As the sun set and darkness set in, the teams each went to their assigned holes for a "shotgun start" which was set off by fireworks. The overcast night and slight rain did not deter the enthusiasm of the participants.

At 11 pm, another set of fireworks announced the end of the event, with all carts driving back to the club house for prizes and food included pizza, salad, break, chicken riggies, deserts, and more. Some of the prizes included hand crafted wooded trophies, movie tickets, golf balls, golf towels, and others.

Grandmaster Crandall concluded our exciting glow ball experience by saying that we were fortunate that it rained. It was to our true benefit. If it had been a beautiful night, we would have been playing until 3:30 in the morning! His intent was to be in the club house by 11 pm, eating, sharing stories, and laughing. Due to the rain, we ended golfing by 11 with the food and awards following.

The glow ball tournament achieved everything that it was supposed to:

1. It raised money for a donation to the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

2. We had school camaraderie with the instructors and many of the black belt students

3. We had a great deal of fun and some awesome stories to tell forever

4. Everyone had an opportunity to experience glow ball and the activity of golf

Grandmaster Crandall thanked everyone who brought such positive enthusiasm to our 2019 school activity.

More pictures will be added here soon.

More information about the event below:

Rules and Guidelines:

1) We are playing "Best Ball" for each team. 2) Two teams at each hole. The first hole is played while it is still light out.

3) Men will hit from the White Tees and Women will hit from the Red Tees. If no one on your team hits the ball after three strokes (swings), a designated thrower on you team may hand-throw the ball as far as they can. Designated throwers can only be used off the Tees. 4) Keep in mind these are gas engine golf carts. You will not be able to draw electricity from them. You will need a drivers licence if you are a driver. You are strongly encouraged to put as many lights, glow sticks, flash lights, flood lights or work lights as you can on them to help you see and for others to see you.

5) This is a non-alcohol activity. There are juice, soft drinks, and water there for you to purchase or you can bring your own.

6) There will be a fifty-fifty drawing which will also contribute to the donation to the CABVI donation.

7) If June 15 is cancelled because of rain, tornado, flood, zombie apocalypse, or hurricane the rain date is June 22. If the 15 is cancelled it will be on our School's and the Holland Heights Golf Course's Facebook page by 1:00 pm that day. For those who do not know what Facebook is you can call the Secure Living Online number which is 315-278-7157.

8) Glow balls will be available there for five dollars each. Holland Heights will have four colors. You should have 3 or 4 before going out to play. You may want to bring a permanent marker to identify your glow ball from your teammates'.

9) At 7:30 PM, for those who wish, there will be a sight-seeing golf cart parade following the cart trail through the 9 holes so that everyone can see the layout of the course before it gets dark.

10) Anyone under 18 who is participating will need to have their signed, completed release form with them that night.

11) We are not wearing uniforms. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear that will allow you to maneuver various types of terrain.

12) The last rule is: Any other rules deemed necessary by Grandmaster Crandall to maintain safety.

Team 1:

Clifford Crandall Jr.

Amanda Crandall

Lynn Jessee

Brett Jessee

Team 2:

Eric Stalloch

Gisella Stalloch

Tim Stalloch

Sabrina Crandall

Team 3:

Nathan Morris

Melissa Morris

Mike Worlock

Elizabeth Riegelman

Team 4:

Cheryl Freleigh​

John Freleigh

George Gibilaro

Geoffry Gibilaro

Team 5:

Christie Faulkner

David H Faulkner

Judy Faulkner

David F Faulkner

Team 6:

Maria Quintal

Caitlin Mazzotta

Edna Rodriguez - Plate

Camila Rodriguez - Plate

Team 7:

Nick Chuff

Linda Moller

Paul Lilley

Tim Cumings

Team 8:

William Walker

Kirstia Walker

Peter Hotvedt

Liz Hotvedt

Team 9: (cabvi team)

Steve Gannon

And additional staff

Team 10

Steve Riley

Erin Riley

Don Brown

Arturo Santiago

Team 11

Kyleigh Hoyle

Josef Byrne

Dean Johnson

Ryan Payne

Team 12

Kyle Mizgala

Abigail Mizgala

Jeff Mizgala

Mike Johnson

Team 13

Mark Sanson

Matthew Strachen

Matt Michaels

Zach Slade

Team 14

Jessica Ritz

Anthony Rocco III

Alyse Lisi

Chad Handy​

Team 15

Courtney Smith

Dakota Fedor

Alivia Franz


Mark Spiridigloizzi

Diana Spiridigloizzi

Mark Spiridigloizzi

Philip Spiridigloizzi

​​​Team 17

Adam Ellis

Ryan Byrne

Nathan Thomas

Anthony Rocco Jr.

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