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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Funshop 2018

The Mid-Winter Indoor Martial Arts Program, better known as the "FunShop" was taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch, Master Freleigh, and School Staff from Monday, February 19 through Wednesday, February 21, 9 am to 5 pm, each day. The Funshop is a fun and educational experience. Students learn about a variety of topics that are not covered in regular classes, and it includes competitions for prizes in academics, sparring, chess, and more. Below is the agenda from this year's excitement:


Punches: After stretching students executed punches from a horse stance with ¼ turns,

½ turns, hops, spins, and to different target areas such as high, middle, low, and the sides.

Basic Forms: White-Purple Belts will learned/practiced basic forms.

Knife Self-Defense: Brown-Black Belts learned self-defense against gun techniques.

Chess Class: Students learned the rules of chess, demonstrated with large chess set. Competition rules were also be reviewed, including rules for castling.

Extension Tool Class: A general overview of all the extension tools used in our school. This topic is often asked on brown belt exams.

Chess Competition: 1st ROUND. Once students completed their first round, they played practice matches or practiced their katas in training hall room #2 under the supervision of an instructor.

Lunch (students practiced chess matches, katas, or read the textbook). Time was given for a“special academic contest.”

Karate-Man-Says: Stretching was followed by Karate-man-says competition with prizes.

Self-Defense Class: Students practiced fundamental escapes from grabs including straight across wrist, cross wrist, single lapel, shoulder, and throat grab.

Anatomy Class: Students learned about major bones of the skeleton and how they relate to martial arts techniques including the importance of proper form for safety. Focus was on Ippon Kumite applications and basic forms.

Shoulder Roll / Meet Mr. Floor Class: students learned and practiced the shoulder roll and “Meet Mr. Floor”, which are required during testings in our school. Practice also include tumbling to strike a target. Some students also practiced cartwheel, round-off, and backwards roll based on proficiency with shoulder roll and Meet Mr. Floor

First Written Exam: Students who finished early were able to practice katas.

Internet and Computer Safety Presentation: a special presentation was given by one of our former Red Tops, who presented this topic as part of their Crandall-Stalloch Community Safety Scholarship requirements. This topic is also covered in our “Be Safe” book (the “blue book”).

Sparring Competition 1 / Class: Rules of sparring and why we wear each type of gear. This was followed by 1st round of the competition. White belts practiced testing requirements then watched some of the sparring. This was followed by whacker sparring matches.


Takedowns Class: Students were divided into groups by rank to learn and practice the 9 fundamental takedowns required for brown belt.

Zoo-Mobile: The Utica Zoo brought 4 animals for a special presentation about animal defenses and adaptations for survival with an opportunity to touch and interact with many. Animals this year included the hedgehog, owl, snake, and turtle.

Come-Along Techniques: Students practiced the 5 required come-along techniques. Students who didn't know these techniques learned them. Brown Belts learned the control stages.

Sparring: First Round

Lunch (time to play chess, practice katas, and work on weapon's forms)

Kata Class: students practiced or learned more of their highest kata by rank.

Guest Speaker on Safety: The New Hartford Police department stopped by for a special presentation on safety tips and information.

Indoor Snow Ball Fight: Our first ever indoor snowball fight, pitting two teams against each other with forts and barriers. The winners played a game against the Red tops.

Chess Competition: Second Round.

Weapons Competition: Students who already knew a weapons’ kata (or part of one) competed. Everyone else watched. A group discussion followed based on what they learned by either observing or participating.

Second Written Exam: Students who were done early practiced their kata.

Self-Defense Class: Self-defense techniques for double lapel grab, double throat grab, sleeve grab, and hair grab from behind.

Bear Hug and Chokehold Self-Defense Techniques: Brown-Black worked on these advanced techniques.


Circular Self Defense / School History Class: Students were be split into two groups for 30 minute classes on circular defense and school history (questions that are tested on our brown and black belt written exams). Then the two groups switched.

Obstacle Course: Throughout the morning students individually ran the course for the best three times concurrently with the other morning classes.

Filming New School Commercial: We filmed our new school commercial for TV, our Website, and more. Only students who are part of this year’s Funshop were able to participate (with parent permission).

Obstacle Course Finals: All students came together to watch the three fastest obstacle course competitors run the course to determine 1st -3rd place.

Lunch (students were able to play chess, practice katas, or read the textbook).


Hanza Escape Techniques: students learned and practiced the 5 techniques.

Seiza Waza Techniques: students learned/practiced 3 of our school’s seiza waza techniques. These are instep self-defense techniques from a mat.

Chess Competition: The Final round took place in training hall room #2 on the Large Chess Set. Students no longer in competition played chess

Cumulative Written Exam

Sparring Competition: FINAL ROUND

Whack-a-doo Karate: Team competition.

SPECIAL GUEST PASS: Funshop participants all received a Guest Pass for a special class being held in Room 3 on Monday, March 5 at 6:15. This invitation only class is exclusive for Funshop students. Students may come alone, or bring a friend or family member (for FREE). Guest’s parents just need to sign the one-day participation form. A special one-hour fun class has been planned.

Next year's funshop will be held in April.

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