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American-Russian International Martial Arts Tournament


In June and July of 1996 the International College of Martial Arts in Europe invited the world to come to St. Petersburg Russia to share in the knowledge of the martial arts cultural differences and ideas. This exchange would take place over a week of turning and a two-day tournament held at one of the largest stadiums in St. Petersburg. This offer was promoted in martial arts magazines, such as Black Belt magazine, as well as many newpapers and T.V. shows. Only a small group of Americans accepted the invitation, which meant hard work as well as time lost from work and financial costs.

Russia was going through its elections and their new freedom was still a challenge and at times a hardship on the Russian people. The American news media was magnifying all of these difficulties in Russia, which may have resulted in so few Americans taking this opportunity to share martial arts knowledge with Russia and the Baltic countries. The American Marital Arts Institute did answer the invitation and carried the American Eagle Style to the winner's circle many times.