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FunShop 2021 - 2 days of Martial Arts Excitement

Funshop 2021

Tuesday, February 16 and Wednesday, February 17 (8 am to 12 noon)

Taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Headmaster Stalloch, Master Freleigh, and School Staff. The Funshop is a fun and educational experience. Students learn about a variety of topics that are not covered in regular classes such as chess, extension tools, specialized self-defense, and much more.

Each morning started with a warm-up and stretching session that lasted 15-minutes from 8:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. with assistance from our Red Tops (Junior Rank Black Belt Class Assistants).


3 Point Sparring with Extension Tools (Bo vs Bo)

Three point sparring is a set of predetermined blocks and counters against a repeated attack. Students learned fundamental blocks and strikes. This allowed the 3 point sparring to take place without physical contact between participants due to the length of these extension tools. Equipment was not shared. Students faced one another and did the bo vs bo drills.

10 Fundamental Self Defense Techniques

Our style requires 10 specific techniques at testings. These are listed in the members’ only section of our website and taught in class. Students learned and practiced these techniques without partners and using the padded self-defense sticks which simulated grabs.

Chess Introduction

Using our 6 foot chess board, students learned the basic rules and concepts of chess before playing fun practice games with one another. The red tops assisted by overseeing each pair of students.

Health and Sanitation Class

One of our instructors, Dr. Hotvedt, is a cardiologist. He presented a special class about health and safety practices to prevent the spread of germs. The class provided general information about how viruses and bacteria spread and how to stay safe. Dr. Hotvedt demonstrated how a vaccine shot is administered using a syringe and saline solution (salt water) to inject an orange.


Our style includes the practice of five floor exercise: shoulder roll, backward roll, cart wheel, round off, and “Meet Mr. Floor.” Each student had their own their own mat and were taught / practiced these important skills.

Karate Man Says

The day ended with a game of “Karate Man Says,” similar to “Simon Says” but with martial arts techniques.

Students were then picked up at noon so that they could go home, take off their masks, and eat.


Moving Kicks

The first class of the day was moving kicks. Our style has 8 required moving kicks which can be found in our school’s textbook. Students practiced all 8 moving kicks including flying side kick, skip center kick, spinning back kick, roundhouse instep, and others.

Written Exam Questions

Brown Belt and Black Belt American Eagle Style rank testings include a written exam. These exams test the students’ knowledge regarding the American Martial Arts Institute as a school and American Eagle Style as an empty hand style. Grandmaster Crandall took time to discuss this requirements, many of the most commonly asked questions, how to prepare oneself for this part of the testing.

Obstacle Course

Students raced through a challenging obstacle course using the agility ladder, mats, push up

bars, kicking bags, a bo, and more. The red tops assisted with sanitizing the equipment between every student (just one of the many extra safety precautions we took to address concerns regarding Covid 19).

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