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Veterans Seminar

Traditional Martial Artists should make a positive difference in their communities, nation, and world. On April 5, the American Martial Arts Institute partnered with its sister organization, Secure Living Online, to bring the Warrior Cane Project to Central New York. The Warrior Cane Project is a not-for-profit which offers self-defense seminars for wounded veterans, honoring their service and sacrifice for our country by arming them with knowledge and safety skills in the use of a walking cane. Every veteran leaves the seminar with a free hardwood combat cane, handcrafted by Cane Masters International Association (a $250 value).

The seminar was hosted by the Sitrin Health Care Facility in cooperation with the American Martial Arts Institute, which brought in Grandmaster Mark Shuey from Cane Master's Headquarters in Nevada. A special thanks to Jackie Warmuth of Sitrin for organizing the veterans and venue for the event. The seminar was presented by Grandmaster Shuey, Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch, Master Jessee, and Master Freleigh. The event was covered by WKTV in a segment which aired throughout Central New York. You can watch the segment featuring an interview with Grandmaster Shuey and some of the veterans below.


Grandmaster Shuey began the seminar with some background information about the cane and its use as an accessible tool for safety in constantly changing world, noting that while a firearm may be useful for self-defense, a cane is already in your hand and ready to be used in an instant. He covered basic blocks, strikes, and swings, and the group practiced these techniques together. Grandmaster Crandall then led the group through moving drills.

The veterans then divided into three groups for partner self-defense techniques against a variety of assault scenarios including punches, shirt grabs, throat grabs, bear hugs, knife assaults, having the cane grabbed, and many more. Group 1 was instructed by Grandmaster Crandall and Master Jessee; Group 2 was taught by Master Stalloch and Master Freleigh; and, Group 3 was led by Grandmaster Shuey.

It was a day filled with camaraderie, learning, and fun. It was a real pleasure to work with such an inspiring group of men and women. We thank them for their service and are pleased that we could share our time and experience with them for the day.

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