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Upcoming Events - January 2019

Dear Students and Family Members,

As we begin another exciting year, we would like to remind you to check with your instructors about upcoming events and activities.

In the next two weeks, we will be posting our annual schedule for weapons classes. Each weapons' kata is offered only once per year. Our weapons' competitions take place as part of the FunShop, Teenage Seminar Day, and Adult Seminar Day for each age group. Adults of any rank can take weapons, students under the age of 13 must be at least a yellow belt. Students testing for adult rank black belt must perform a weapon's kata at their testing as a requirement. Therefore, be ready to look for this calendar so that you don't miss out. Once you have taken the weapon, you may practice before or after classes with instructors' permission. See your instructor for more information about this.

A reminder that the FunShop will be held in April this year for students who are ages 6-12. This is a change from past years, when it was held during February Break. This year it will take place on April 16 and 17, 2019. More information will be released in the near future.