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Welcome to our news and archives.  Please note that all test results are posted for the current year, but may not appear in the archives.  Full records are kept at our main office.  In addition, photographs and news releases prior to 1997 are kept in our school library at our main location dating back to the 1960s.

Honorary Pink Belt

On Tuesday, June 27, Grandmaster Crandall presented Mr. Peter Cittadino with his Honorary Pink Belt and certificate for numerous contributions to the pink belt program.

Mr. Cittadino has been collaborating with Grandmaster Crandall on the program since its inception in early 2017. As a Senior Market Manager for the American Cancer Society’s Greater Mohawk Valley Area, he was our first contact with the American Cancer Society. He helped to provide information regarding volunteering opportunities for our students, materials for the written examinations, and much more behind the scenes.

Through communication and collaboration, positive individuals such as Mr. Cittadino are helping us to make a difference in our community and the world. Congratulations.

Informational Packets for Agencies interested in becoming involved in spreading awareness regarding cancer through our pink belt program are available. Contact us at 315.768.1859 to join the fight and save lives!

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