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New Children's Book

New Children's Book Released by American Martial Arts Institute Instructors

The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to announce the publication of the second book in a series for children titled Center Kick for Confidence: A Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure. Written by Senior Instructor Amanda Crandall and Illustrated by Miss Sabrina Crandall, two American Eagle Style instructors, the series follows a young martial arts student, Julia, and her pet cat, Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily follows Julia to class, learning traditional martial arts and life lessons along the way. In book 2, Tiger Lily must use her newly acquired martial arts skills (a center kick) and find her own confidence to see Julia's recital. Meanwhile, can Julia get the confidence to face the crowd? The book is available internationally through major retailers and, and it will be used as part of the American Martial Arts Institute's Superkick program for 3-5 year olds.

"Storytelling is a powerful way for children to learn while having fun," Amanda Crandall noted. Mrs. Crandall is a local martial arts instructor and the author of the Tiger Lily and Julia Adventure series, which follows Julia and her pet cat Tiger Lily as they learn important life lessons through traditional martial arts.

In her latest book, Center Kick for Confidence, Tiger Lily wants to see Julia’s flute solo at school. But can she find the confidence to overcome the obstacles in her way?

"The series embodies a core philosophy of traditional martial arts," Master Cheryl Freleigh remarked. "The story keeps the children's attention and has impressed the parents who listen and watch what can be learned be reading one small children’s story book." Cheryl Freleigh is the director of the American Martial Arts Institute's Superkick program for 3-5 year olds, which uses the adventure series. "Children enjoy the stories, which allow us to relate to them complex topics such as bullying, self-confidence, listening, and other topics."

The book is available internationally through major retailers and It also includes a

section on how to properly execute a center kick to improve balance, so that the book is not just entertaining, but also presents a practical skill. The book was illustrated by Miss Sabrina Crandall.

Mrs. Crandall is a 5th Degree black belt with Bachelor Degrees in both English and Civil Engineering. She currently works as a Civil Engineer for Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, DPC in Utica, New York. Miss Crandall is a 4th Degree black belt with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering. She works as an Automation Engineer for Novelis in Oswego, New York. Both Amanda and Sabrina Crandall teach martial arts classes for children and adults at the American Martial Arts Institute regularly.

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