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women's self defense in a changing world


Would You Know What to Do?

  • Being Followed?

  • Grabbed the Throat?

  • Restrained on the Ground?

  • Attacker Wielding a Knife?

Most people never take the time to learn even the most basic self-defense skills.  There is something you can do, and knowledge is the KEY!

We were blown away when over 700 copies of the KINDLE edition of Women's Self Defense in a Changing World were downloaded in just the first 5 days!  Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the discounted offer.  We know it is already making hundreds of women across the country safer with every page they read. 


We know that you are busy, so to say THANK YOU for your time, please ACCEPT a free copy of Chapter 2 on us.  Just click the button below for your free PDF download.  Want to know more?  Keep reading below.


In today’s world, with no shortage of violent crime, many women increasingly find themselves in situations or environments where they feel vulnerable. Professional work responsibilities or leadership roles may involve travel, meeting unfamiliar people, or working late hours or nightshifts. Women living alone or mothers running a household may be concerned with home security or family safety. Feeling that you have little control over your own safety can undermine self-confidence and quality of life.


The goal of this book is to equip adult women of average physical ability, with information that can help them lead safer and more confident lives. With practical advice on how to prevent or respond to situations that jeopardize your personal safety, “Women’s Self- Defense in a Changing World” will empower you with the knowledge needed to feel safer in your environment and give you the confidence to participate more fully in the activities and responsibilities you value.


This book answers these questions:


  • How do I prevent an assault BEFORE it occurs?

  • What do I do if directly confronted or chased?

  • How do I respond to a home intrusion?

  • What can I carry for self-defense?

  • What do I do if confronted with a knife or gun?

  • How can I respond to an active shooter with a rifle?

  • What can I do if grabbed by the throat?

  • And much more…


 Hundreds of step-by-step photographs with detailed descriptions of techniques taught to 1000’s of women during seminars at YMCAs, Rape Crisis Centers, and Community Agencies during the past 50 years.



I just finished reading this book on self-defense for women and I was thoroughly impressed with the information that was made available. Many women might think that they would have to train in some form of martial arts in order to be able to protect themselves. This book described physical techniques that are basic but effective, techniques that anyone can do. The terminology used to describe the techniques was well written and the pictures were clear and precise.

--Cheryl Freleigh

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