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Seiza Waza and Standing Waza
Self-Defense Techniques of the American Eagle Style


Narration and Instruction By: Grandmaster Clifford Crandall, Jr.

Assisted By: Master Eric Stalloch

Seiza Waza 2018 DVD cover.jpg

The American Eagle Style is documented in an effort help maintain the consistency of its high standards for its instructors and students through the publication of books and DVDs.  These are primarily:

The American Eagle Style Instructional Textbook,

The American Eagle Style Self Defense, Volume 1 DVD, and

The Seiza Waza and Standing Waza DVD.

Other useful resources including the Leadership Piece by Piece book, the Superkick Workbook, and others can be found on this website.

This DVD documents the six Seiza Waza, six Standing Waza, three Drill sets, and related concepts for American Eagle Style.

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