Note: Any pictures or video without masks were taken prior to March 2020 and the Covid 19 regulations.


Are you looking for a traditional school that improves discipline, focus, and confidence, while improving your ability to defend yourself in a constantly changing world?  Then look no further.  The American Martial Arts Institute is under the direction of its founder, Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. This traditional martial arts school offers classes for adult men and women, teenagers, children ages 6-12, and children ages 3-5.  We are one of the oldest schools in Central New York.


What do sessions include?

Stretching, punches, kicks, blocks, strikes, kata, self-defense, and more.  Additional topics covered can include sparring, knife defense, gun defense, takedowns, control techniques, ippon kumites, hanza escape, seiza waza, fundamental tumbling skills, and more.


What are your Covid 19 safety guidleines?

The health and safety of our students, instructors, families, and communities is crucial.  We have a written safety plan following and exceeding all NYS Department of Health Safety Guidelines.  We use tempertature checks, wash hands, socially distance, and wear masks.  Our instructors teach without touching, instead using verbal and demonstrative skills to deliver high quality instruction.  There is no contact between students or with instructors.  Our 6400 square foot facility allows us to socially distance.  The entire facility and all equipment used is sanitized between every session, and no equipment is shared without proper cleaning first.  If you have any questions, contact us.


Who are the instructors?

All classes are taught by certified, adult black belt instructors.  All of our instructors started as white belts and earned their way to achieve black belts (a minimum of 5 years).  Advanced levels of black belt exist up to 10th Degree.  Many of our instructors have been teaching for more than 20 years.  Our instructors go through a rigorous, annual certification process to maintain our strong commitment to the art and educational presentation in a fun and professional atmosphere.  With multiple instructors each day of the week, our staff works with all students.


Our professional training facility:

The main location at 8382 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, New York offers three full training rooms, changing rooms, a viewing area, handicap accessible bathrooms, a full instructional conference room, office, and quality equipment for safe training. The American Martial Arts Institute teaches the empty hand martial art style American Eagle Style, Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido, and the American Cane Eagle Cane Style.


What is the Members' Only Section?

Our website includes an exclusive section for our students with full one hour video classes and instructional videos on individual skills.  This allows you to train at home between sessions.  It is also how we instructed our students through distance learning during the quarentine, and how we would continue to do so if another quarentine were mandated.


Learn More

Come watch a session -  8382 Seneca Turnpike, New Harford (by appointment)

Call - 315.768.1859 (speak with one of our instructors)

Web - AMAI-EagleStyle.Com

Email -

Facebook and Instagram: @AmericanMartialArtsInstitute

3-Month Membership Offer

$240.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • The applicant must meet all prequalifications for membership and participation in physical activity.  All enrollment paperwork must be completed by a legal guardian prior to participation in any program.  This offer is non-tranferrable.  This offer is non-refundable.  You must schedule your enrollment meeting within 30 days of purchase.  You may start any time prior to January 31.  Once you take your first class, your 3-month period will commence.  You may start anytime, but  January 31, your 3-month time period will automatically begin.  

  • Family discounts are available.

    The first member pays the full amount of the offer.

    Additional family members received a 25% discount, unless they are already receiving a greater discount (discounts cannot be combined)

    For Superkick (Ages 3-5), additional family members would register for $123.75

    How do I receive this discount? 

    Email us at and we will apply it for you.

    Or call 315.768.1859

American Martial Arts Institute

8382 Seneca Turnpike: New Hartford, NY 13413

Tel: 315.768.1859

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