1st Month for $30 + FREE Uniform

This online offer is valid toward a six month membership at the American Martial Arts Institute, in ONE of the following programs:

  • Children's Classes (6-12 years of age)
  • Adult Classes (ages 13 and older)
  • American Eagle Cane Style (ages 18 and older)
  • Open System (Ages 40 and older, non-ranking martial arts program)
  • NOT Valid for Superkick or Iaido programs.

The first month is $30 ($50 OFF), with the remaining 5 months at regular cost.  Additional family members will receive 25% their additional 5 months.


Once you purchase this offer an instructor will contact you within 1-business day to schedule your enrollment meeting.  You must meet all prequalifications for membership (for example, you cannot be currently training in another martial art school, new members only, etc.).  At this meeting you will complete all necessary paperwork.  Prior to participating in your first class, this offer may be cancelled and refunded.  You must schedule your enrollment meeting within 30 days of purchase.