Teen Seminar Day 2019

This year's teenage seminar day was held on Saturday, October 26. The seminar is taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Headmaster Stalloch, and the other five Master Instructors with assistance from the black belt instructors. This annual all-day event provides the students with an opportunity to learn about traditional martial arts topics in greater detail, many of which are not covered in regular classes. This event is an important part of the student's training, as it aids the Master Instructors in getting to know them better and evaluate them on attitude, skills, and knowledge regarding the style.



This year's class topics included Sparring Drills, Umbrella Self-Defense, Weapon's Competition, the "Team Competition Indoor Snow Ball Fight!", a question and answer session with Grandmaster Crandall regarding our school and style, self defense techniques, and self-defense scenarios appropriate for the type of attack, and much more. Next year's seminar will be in October 2020.

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