Instructors' Training Class

All American Martial Arts Institute classes are taught by our certified adult, black belt instructors and staff. These men and women have chosen the path of teaching this traditional style, to pass it to the next generation in the same way in which they received it. Our instructors teach out of loyalty to the school and a personal desire to "complete" the circle by giving back to the school through their gift of time. These black belts have chosen to take on additional responsibilities; therefore, they are certified each year to teach the American Eagle Style. When you earn your black belt, you may request in writing to be considered for the instructors' program. If accepted, you are required to do a minimum six-month internship. Instructors wear the instructor's patch on a black top. They have students directly responsible to them, and they work directly with Grandmaster Crandall regarding these students regarding their development and testings.

Instructors do not train in regular classes with students; however, instructors' classes taught by Grandmaster Crandall are available. These workouts include punches, kicks, advanced techniques, kata, self-defense and more. On Friday, February 8, 25 instructors trained in a 90-minute instructor's class.

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