Referral Program Announced

We are excited to announce a new program for our students. Many years ago one of our students made a sign as a gift for our school. Today, this hand-made wooden sign hangs above our main entrance and reads "Home of American Martial Arts Institute Students." We have a strong community of loyal students training in the traditional martial arts, and often they share our school with their friends and family. Now we are offering a way to reward them and their friends and family. Starting this Thursday, Refer-A-Friend cards will be available to our students. Here's what they look like... (keep reading below for details)...

When your friend or family member joins for a 6-month membership, they will get $50 OFF their first month's membership. They still get a FREE uniform. In return, the student who referred them gets their choice of a FREE uniform, OR a FREE book, OR FREE DVD from our showcase (excluding the 2-disc Iaido DVD, the American Eagle Style Textbook, and the American Eagle Cane Style textbook). See full details of this program at the school by speaking with Master Stalloch.


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