In an effort to share more of our school with the community, we feature a student or instructor profile on our website, facebook, and instagram. Different students and instructors are chosen for various ranks, ages, and programs that we offer by Grandmaster Crandall and the Master Instructors. We value every student's privacy. Therefore, participation is optional, and all students who are under 18 must have permission from a parent and a signed release form before we share their story and image online. More information about these profiles is available at our main location. This month we are excited to announce that we are profiling Matt Strachen, in his own words...

"Throughout my years of training, I have consistently been given the opportunity to push myself. The martial arts have allowed me to get outside my comfort zone time and time again. Because of this my self-confidence has improved significantly over the years. When I face challenges, I am able to push forward confidently, knowing that I can handle the situation that lies ahead. The martial arts is 90% mental and therefore training in the martial arts will present the opportunity to improve your mind."


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