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Updated: April 4, 2020

While our training hall's doors are temporarily closed due to restrictions from COVID-19, our students are training with us online in our Members Only Section.   As soon as we are permitted, we will be opening our doors again. 


All of our students should already have followed the sign up process on our main page to get their log-in to join us for full hour classes and instruction.

This page is being left open to the public and community.  It it was posted the day after we had to close our physical doors to reach our students so their would be no break from training and instruction.  We are no longer updating and adding to this public page.  HOWEVER, we are constantly adding to our our Members Only page for our students.  Our members only section also will include live interaction and feedback soon.  We are also accepting new students who want to train with us starting through our members only section.  For those who are interested in Joining, email us at Contact@amai-EagleStyle.Com for full details.

Some Questions and Answers

Who are these videos for?

First posted for students of the American Martial Arts Institute in all four styles:

  • American Eagle Style (empty hand)

  • American Eagle Cane Style (cane)

  • Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido (sword)

  • Americanized Eagle Kendo (kendo)  

Now this page remains public for community member.  If you are a community member or someone who has been considering joining, you are welcome to try to follow along, but please realize that these videos are intended for current students who have already been taught by us.  They were not designed for you, but you may find them beneficial.  Also, always consult a physician before engaging in physical activity.

What should I wear?

We encourage our students to wear their uniforms while training at home with us through these videos.  Community members may wish to wear comfortable fitness clothing.

How do the videos work?

Watch the short video, then read the description at the side.  Once you are familiar with the workout, stretch and warm up.  We recommend you do our normal stretching procedure from class for 8-10 minutes.  Once you are ready, begin the workout, using the videos as reminders as you go.

What videos are in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION for registered students?

The members only section has full 1-hour, unedited classes taught by Grandmaster Crandall and Headmaster Stalloch.  If you were to come and sit in the observation area of our physical training hall, this is what a spectator would see.  The students participating in our class from home will be doing the full class.  It includes instruction and practice.  There are also new techniques taught for all ranks including kata, self defense, ippon kumite, basic forms, standing waza, and more.  We will be adding a live interaction area soon.

We are excited to have you training with us digitally!  Remember, training can be hard!  That's ok, but don't forget the most important part...FUN!  When you train, have Fun.  Don't worry about getting everything perfect.  Don't worry if you can't do all of the exercises.  Simply have fun and do your best.

When we teach we follow four essential teaching principles,

which are described in Chapter 1 (Level 1) of Be Safe Physically and Mentally with the Crandall System:

  1. It is not necessary to touch to teach.

  2. Compliments!  You can't have too many.

  3. Patience.  

  4. Enthusiasm. Have Fun!

If you are a partner, be a cooperative partner.  Anyone can resist a technique when they anticipate it. Much of self defense works because of the element of surprise.  This is removed from repetitious training.  For your partner to develop confidence and get a good workout while having fun, don't fight the move.  

Now that you are ready to have FUN, look at some workout options below...

important note for students and parents

Work Out Option 1


Workout Option 1: Fundamentals of a Class

Watch each of the video segments below.  They were filmed to reach all levels, so they are presented for white belts, but beneficial for all.  After each video, read the suggested way to train in this class segment.  You may do this workout as many times as you like this week, but we will also be posting more segments and workouts throughout the week for you to train along to.


We recommend taking 8-10 minutes to warm up with push-ups (20-50), arm swings, neck rolls, deep knee bends, standing twists, deep back stance stretch, sit-ups (35-100), and more push-ups (20-50).

Proceed to Punches ->


Watch the video, then chose how you will do the punches: 20-50 single punches, then 20-50 double punches, then 20-50 triple punches OR
set a timer for 3-5 minutes and start punching continuously a steady pace.  You may want to play some music.

Proceed to Kicks ->


Now that you've worked the upper body, let's move on to the lower body with kicks.  Start with center kick for 10-25 per leg.  If you know it, you may want to do Reverse Crescent Kick and Crescent kick for 10-25 per leg, as well.  These can be found in the Superkick Workbook.

OR, set a timer and through kicks with each leg for 8-15 minutes at a steady pace.  Work each leg equally.

Watch a special message for our superkick students ages 3-5 and their parents.  Then read some home activity ideas below the video.

Why not take this time to use your Superkick Workbook?

Your child can try punches, kicks, blocks, and the kata in their own living room.  They can color the activity pages or you can read about our safety tips or about or school and share this information with them.

Looking for the Book?

AMAZON.Com...Search Superkick Workbook.

More Home

Training Ideas

The American Martial Arts Institute strives to arm the mind with knowledge, the body with skills, and excite the emotions.

The workouts above help to train your body and excite your emotions, but let's not overlook the importance of arming the mind with knowledge. 


If you have the Superkick Workbook, Be Safe Physically and Mentally with the Crandall System Book, American Eagle Style Instructional Textbook, Leadership Piece by Piece, or any of our other books, now is an excellent time to read or re-read them. 


In addition, here are some instructional video, informational safety videos, and classic clips from our Martial Arts Today Show Archives (hosted and produced by Grandmaster Crandall):

Proceed to Basic Forms ->



Upper body and lower body are all warmed up and you're doing great!  Keep it going with some basic forms.  Watch the video to see how to do it in limited space, then choose an option:

Do Down Block, Center Block, High Block, and Lunge Punch 10-25 times with each side of your body OR set a timer and do as many different basic forms as you know, 3 with each side for 5-10 minutes, you decide!

Proceed to KATA ->



In this video Grandmaster Crandall explains the 1st five moves of Pal-Gwe 1 for white belts who need a review.   More kata-q videos will be coming in the future.  For white belts with only 5 moves, try this kata 10-20 times.

If you know more moves or additional katas, set aside 5-10 minutes to practice your kata(s) at this time.  This is a great time to take out your textbook and read through them too.




Today's additional training is a Standing Waza Ichi (Standing Waza 1)




Learn more about striking targets for self-defense from one of our first Secure Living videos in 2008.

One of our throat grab escape techniques, again from 2008 and Secure Living

Grandmaster Crandall interviews Grandmaster Arndt in the late 1980s. 

Learn more about our school's roots.

A full episode of the Safety and Awareness Today Show hosted by Grandmaster Crandall including upper body strength training exercises and safety tips.

Workout Option 2

Workout 1 gave you the fundamentals of class.  Workout 2 gives you the option of a 20 minute cardiovascular workout.  If you prefer, do Workout 1 again.

Here's how Workout 2 Works:

1.  Watch the videos and read the descriptions for each of the 3 segments in preparation.

2.  Get your timer and water bottle ready

3.  Stretch and warm up.

4.  Put on some music and start the workout!

SEGMENT 1: Punches

Watch the video, then do 1 minute with your right hand leading followed by 1 minute with your left hand leading. Go as fast as you can, and don't worry if you slow down.  Just keep going for the entire time. This is followed by 1 minute of rest. 


If you want more of a challenge, see segment 3 details for what to do during the rest period. 


2 minutes of punches + 1 minute of rest = one round.  Do this three times in a row, then proceed to Segment 2.

Workout Option 3

Workout 2 provided a cardiovascular workout.  Workout 3 is strength training.

Here's how Workout 3 Works:

1.  Watch the videos and read the descriptions for each of the 2 segments in preparation.

2.  Get your timer and water bottle ready

3.  Stretch and warm up.

4.  Put on some music and start the workout!


Watch the video, then do 1 minute of the kicks with your right leg leading, then 1 minute with you left leg leading, followed by 1 minute of rest.  Don't worry about speed on this one...a steady pace is all you need.

If you want more of a challenge, see segment 3 details for what to do during the rest period. 


2 minutes of kicks + 1 minute of rest = one round.  THEN...Congratulations...You did it.


Watch the video, then do 3 sets to failure. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Want more of a challenge?

3 options to increase difficulty

1. Do as many as you can on the chair, then switch to bars, then switch to knees until you can't do any more.  That's 1 set.

2.  Rest for 30 seconds instead.

Need it a little easier?

Do them from your knees.


Watch the video, then do 3 sets to failure. Rest 1 minute between sets.

current students, watch this video and register for the members only section now.  your class and instruction is waiting for you...

SEGMENT 3: "rest period"

Take advantage of the full 1 minute rest period, but after 1 minute, get right back to the workout.  However, if you want more of a challenge, the video below has 3 suggestions.

Still want more?!  Here are some ideas:

1.  Change 1 minute to 1:30 for each side, but keep rest to 1 minute.


2. When you are done with the cardio workout, do so some katas


Watch the video AND Read this 2-minute article with safety precautions and additional details


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