Children's Community Fun Day

On Saturday, June 15, 2019 the American Martial Arts Institute held its Children’s Community Fun Day, open to the public for children 12 and under and their families. The event was organized by Grandmaster Crandall with instructors and black belt students staffing the morning’s activities. Mr. Mike McCormack volunteered for the day, giving free rides to the children in his 1935 American LaFrance Fire Engine called “Hotfoot”. The fire engine drove around the parking lot of the building, setting off it siren on occasion to the children’s delight. Another popular attraction was the bounce house donated by 3 Brothers Inflatables of New Hartford. The bounce house featured a slide down to mat

Charity Glow Ball Tournament

Each year Grandmaster Crandall organizes an event to promote camaraderie among the black belts (instructors, staff, red tops, and students). In the past these events have included training cruises, international performance teams, weekend seminars, the pink belt program, and others. This year, on June 15, 2019, Grandmaster Crandall organized our Charity Glow Ball Tournament. ​ This was an opportunity to laugh, have fun and relax together. Students did not need to be good at playing golf (in fact, they didn't even need to know how to play). All four of our martial arts styles participated, which included the empty hand, iaido, cane, and kendo styles. This event was about doing something

Headmaster Promotion

On Saturday, June 15, Master Eric Stalloch was recognized as the First Headmaster of the American Eagle Cane Style of martial arts and promoted to the Art’s highest distinction, 10th Degree Black Belt. Master Stalloch is the proprietor of the American Martial Arts Institute in New Hartford, New York, and has been training under Grandmaster Clifford Crandall in 1989. The American Eagle Cane Style was founded by three well-recognized traditional martial artists: Clifford Crandall Jr., Eric Stalloch, and Lynn Jessee. Together the three published a textbook documenting the style, released 10 instructional DVDs on cane self-defense, have been published in Inside Kung Fu, Action, Taekwondo Times

New Red Top

Grandmaster Crandall presented Caitlin Mazzotta with her Red Top on June 15, accepting her into the junior rank black belt assistants program. To be considered for the program a student must submit a request in a typed letter to Grandmaster Crandall. It often takes months before the candidate may be accepted into the program where Grandmaster Crandall and the other instructors will train them in their new responsibilities. Many of the aspects of Red Top leadership program are documented in the book Leadership Piece by Piece by Master Stalloch and Grandmaster Crandall. In the American Martial Arts Institute only adult black belts that are 18 years or older may be trained to become instructors

New Staff Members

The American Martial Arts Institute is proud to announce that Grandmaster Crandall awarded Miss Maria Quintal and Mr. Matthew Strachen with Staff member status, presenting them each with a black top during the Children's Community Fun Day on June 15, 2019. Congratulations to Miss Quintal and Mr. Strachen. In the American Martial Arts Institute, it takes years of training and dedication to earn the rank of black belt. For each student the challenges along the path are different. In the end, black belts in American Eagle Style have achieved a high standard of mental maturity and knowledge and an incredible range of physical skills. This rank would not have been possible without the guidance o

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