Ceremonial Black Belt Luncheon

On Saturday, April 27, the American Martial Arts Institute held its semi-annual Ceremonial Black Belt Luncheon, where it recognized students who earned new ranks of black belt during the past six months. While students who have passed their testings receive their black belts following the exam, they do not immediately receive their certificates certifying them at their rank. Instead, these are presented at a special ceremony twice each year. This April 58 instructors and students from across New York State, New Hampshire and Canada attended to recognize those being honored. Grandmaster Crandall began the event by speaking about traditional martial arts concepts including "Ichi Go Ichi E"

FunShop 2019

The American Martial Arts Institute held its annual Martial Arts Program for 6-12 year olds, called the FunShop, on April 16 and 17 during the children's Spring Break from school. Each day was filled with a variety of structured activities geared towards martial arts training, education, and fun, led by Grandmaster Crandall and Master Stalloch with assistance from Master Freleigh and Mr. Freleigh. In addition several other black belt instructors and staff attend to assist including: Master Moller, Master Chuff, Mrs. Crandall, Miss Crandall, Mr. Lilley, Mr. Cumings, and the red tops (junior rank black belt class assistants). Each morning started with a warm-up and stretching class that las

The Passing of Master Choji Sato - A Tribute

In tribute to a great man Master Choji Sato This picture was given to me by Master Sato in one of his letters to me from Japan. He explained how much he liked this cut and the circumstances regarding the picture. This picture is of our school’s first Iaido/Batto group that went to California and was taken in front of Master Fumio Demura’s old martial arts school. The picture was taken by Headmaster Crandall. The Iaido/Batto students have lost a great Teacher and Friend in the unexpected passing of Master Choji Sato. This man’s skill with the sword, and an equal skill to teach it, has left an empty place in our hearts that is only softened by the wonderful memories and experiences we had w

Color Belt Test Results

Results for the testing held at the American Martial Arts Institute on April 9, 2019 The following students have tested for new rank: Junior Rank Skylee Eldevik-LaCotera is now an Orange Belt Drake Sebastian is now an Orange Belt Mitchell Torre is now an Orange Belt Adult Rank Erica Miscione is now a Green Belt If your name appears on this list, see your instructor to receive your test results. All testings are posted within two weeks of the test date at the main location and on the American Martial Arts Institute web site.

Batto Seminar with Master Demura

The American Martial Arts Institute offers four separate martial arts styles: 1) American Eagle Style (empty hand martial arts) 2 )Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido/Batto (traditional samurai sword) 3) American Eagle Cane Style (traditional cane) 4) Americanized Eagle Kendo ("Kendo for Fun", only available to instructors at this time) On Sunday, April 7, students of Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall participated in a private batto-do seminar taught by Master Fumio Demura at Sensei Charles Hobbib's dojo in Oneonta, NY. If breaking boards or concrete is a demonstration of power, focus, and skill for an empty-hand style, then Batto-do is its equivalent for traditional sword. B

Wellness Fair

On Wednesday, April 3, the American Martial Arts Institute participated in Hamilton College's annual wellness fair to talk with members of the community about health, awareness, and personal safety. Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch, Master Freleigh, and Miss Hoyle set up a display that included many of our school's publications including Women's Self Defense in a Changing World, Leadership Piece by Piece, American Eagle Style textbook, and many more. The display also included pictures from some of our school's events such as the Funshop. Dozens of other vendors were on site, and many people participated. The school gave away multiple copies of our book Women's Self Defense in a Changing

Veterans Seminar

Traditional Martial Artists should make a positive difference in their communities, nation, and world. On April 5, the American Martial Arts Institute partnered with its sister organization, Secure Living Online, to bring the Warrior Cane Project to Central New York. The Warrior Cane Project is a not-for-profit which offers self-defense seminars for wounded veterans, honoring their service and sacrifice for our country by arming them with knowledge and safety skills in the use of a walking cane. Every veteran leaves the seminar with a free hardwood combat cane, handcrafted by Cane Masters International Association (a $250 value). The seminar was hosted by the Sitrin Health Care Facility i

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