NEW BOOK! - Women's Self Defense in a Changing World

​We are pleased to announce the international release of a new book by Grandmaster Crandall and Master Jessee titled Women's Self Defense in a Changing World. The book is now available through Amazon.Com in print and ebook formats. Read More Below... Click Here to Order This book can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and how you live your life. Who were we thinking about when we wrote this Women’s Self-Defense Book? We were thinking of educated, active women who realize their importance. Whether you have taken your focus and strengths into the competitive career world or committed your unique abilities to the complexity of guiding a family through the maze of changing li

Student Profile - February 2019

SHARING OUR SCHOOL...STUDENT PROFILES This month the Master Instructors chose Edna Rodriguez Plate and asked her, "What have you gained from your martial arts training?" Edna is a 1st Degree black belt in American Eagle Style and a Purple Belt in the American Eagle Cane Style. She is a professor at Hamilton College and has been training with us for more than 6 years. "By training in the martial arts I have gained a lot of confidence, confidence in my abilities to defend myself but also in everything I do in every aspect of my life. I have become a better professor, a better parent, and a better person overall. I walk with confidence and awareness; I tackle any problem with the same confi

Introducing E-Books from AMAI

We are pleased to announce that all American Martial Arts Institute publications are now available as Ebooks through Amazon which can be viewed using the Kindle APP for tablets. Learn more about our books at our publications page.

Martial Artist Promoted to 7th Dan, Master Instructor

Mrs. Lynn Jessee Earns the Rank of 7th Degree Black Belt and the status Master Instructor On Sunday, February 10, 2019, Grandmaster Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. (10th Degree-black belt, founder, and head of the American Martial Arts Institute), promoted Lynn Jessee to 7th-Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in American Eagle Style. This promotion was awarded to Master Jessee after she successfully completed a year-long testing, meeting all of the high standards of her new rank and status. The announcements comes after she completed her requirements following yesterday's Adult Seminar Day. In the American Eagle Style the status of Master is earned and added to the student's name at the ran


On Saturday, February 9, 2019, the American Martial Arts Institute held its annual Adult Seminar Day at its main location in New Hartford, New York. The Adult seminar provides our students ages 18 and older with a unique day of training. The seminar is taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch and the Master Instructors with assistance from our certified black belt instructors. This year 21 students and 18 instructors participated. The seminar began at 9 am with a class on Standing Waza, a series of techniques which compliment the Seiza Waza. These techniques are part of the American Eagle Style and required as part of rank testings. At 10 am, the students were split into four group

Instructors' Training Class

All American Martial Arts Institute classes are taught by our certified adult, black belt instructors and staff. These men and women have chosen the path of teaching this traditional style, to pass it to the next generation in the same way in which they received it. Our instructors teach out of loyalty to the school and a personal desire to "complete" the circle by giving back to the school through their gift of time. These black belts have chosen to take on additional responsibilities; therefore, they are certified each year to teach the American Eagle Style. When you earn your black belt, you may request in writing to be considered for the instructors' program. If accepted, you are req

Referral Program Announced

We are excited to announce a new program for our students. Many years ago one of our students made a sign as a gift for our school. Today, this hand-made wooden sign hangs above our main entrance and reads "Home of American Martial Arts Institute Students." We have a strong community of loyal students training in the traditional martial arts, and often they share our school with their friends and family. Now we are offering a way to reward them and their friends and family. Starting this Thursday, Refer-A-Friend cards will be available to our students. Here's what they look like... (keep reading below for details)... When your friend or family member joins for a 6-month membership, th

Black Belt Test Results

Six students have tested and earned new black belt ranks! Black belt is a prestigious rank, one recognized around the world. In the American Eagle Style, there are ten degrees (Dan) of black belt. Only one person may hold the rank of 10th Dan, the head of the school who determines its direction and certifies its instructors. For the American Martial Arts Institute, this is Grandmaster Crandall. In addition, there are 8 gyups (belt ranks) that must first be earned. All students begin as white belts and test for each rank, maturing in the style through its traditional process. Essential for all students who test for the black belt ranks is a demonstration of school involvement, a proper martia

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