Kama Class - Tuesday, Feb 5 7:45

Just a reminder to all of our students, There is a KAMA Class on Tuesday, February 5th at 7:45 pm. This is the ONLY kama class this year! There won't be another until 2020. WHY? Each year there is a weapon competition at the Funshop, Teen Seminar Day, and Adult Seminar Day. This is where you learn the extension tool. Also, weapons are required for adult rank black belt testings. They are fun, educational, and help to improve your empty hand skills. Once you have taken the class you may receive help throughout the year. WHO: (Must be a currently active member of our school) Yellow Belts and above, any age. Ages 13 and older, any rank. No experience necessary. The fee is $15. See our s


In an effort to share more of our school with the community, we feature a student or instructor profile on our website, facebook, and instagram. Different students and instructors are chosen for various ranks, ages, and programs that we offer by Grandmaster Crandall and the Master Instructors. We value every student's privacy. Therefore, participation is optional, and all students who are under 18 must have permission from a parent and a signed release form before we share their story and image online. More information about these profiles is available at our main location. This month we are excited to announce that we are profiling Matt Strachen, in his own words... "Throughout my year

Open System Promotion

Results for the performance evaluation held at the American Martial Arts Institute on January 28, 2019 Anthony Rocco, Jr. is now graded as a NOVICE in the Open System The American Martial Arts Institute strives to offer the martial arts in a variety of programs for men and women of all ages that will arm their minds with knowledge, their bodies with skills, and excite their emotions. This is for the purpose of improving their belief in themselves, their successes in work or school, and their own personal commitments to friends and family. Our OPEN SYSTEM is for men and women who are 40 years of age or older who want the benefits of training in American Eagle Style classes but do not wish to

American Eagle Cane Style Test Results

Results for the testing held at the American Martial Arts Institute on January 10, 2019 The following students have tested for new rank in the American Eagle Cane Style: Lucretia Burmaster is now a Blue Belt Peter Hotvedt is now a Blue Belt Edna Rodriguez-Plate is now a Purple Belt If your name appears on this list, see your instructor to receive your test results. All testings are posted within two weeks of the test date at the main location and on the American Martial Arts Institute web site.

First Americanized Eagle Kendo Class

Kendo for Fun! The first Americanized Eagle Kendo class was held on Saturday, January 12, 2019. Kendo is, historically, a Japanese form of fencing with two-handed bamboo swords (called shinai), originally developed as a safer form of sword training for samurai. This kendo style tempers some of the ceremonies of traditional styles while maintaining the core philosophy and physical disciplines. One example of a shift from traditional training is that this style offers a kendo kata called “Falcon Stoop” which allows for personal training in strikes, stances and body postures. The center for this kendo style, like all forms of traditional kendo, is the “Cultivation of Oneself” resulting in a

Upcoming Events - January 2019

Dear Students and Family Members, As we begin another exciting year, we would like to remind you to check with your instructors about upcoming events and activities. In the next two weeks, we will be posting our annual schedule for weapons classes. Each weapons' kata is offered only once per year. Our weapons' competitions take place as part of the FunShop, Teenage Seminar Day, and Adult Seminar Day for each age group. Adults of any rank can take weapons, students under the age of 13 must be at least a yellow belt. Students testing for adult rank black belt must perform a weapon's kata at their testing as a requirement. Therefore, be ready to look for this calendar so that you don't mi

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