Teen Seminar Day 2017

This year's teenage seminar day was held on Saturday, October 28. The seminar is taught by Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch, and the other four Master Instructors with assistance from the black belt instructors. This annual all-day event provides the students with an opportunity to learn about traditional martial arts topics in greater detail, many of which are not covered in regular classes. This event is an important part of the student's training, as it aids the Master Instructors in getting to know them better and evaluate them on attitude, skills, and knowledge regarding the style. This year's class topics included Seiza Waza techniques and drills, katas, sparring, breaking, sel


Results for the testing held at the American Martial Arts Institute on October 25, 2017 The following students have tested for new rank: Junior Rank Jacob Borowiec is now an Orange Belt Tess Kloidt-Gilligan is now an Orange Belt Andrew Van Wynsberghe is now an Orange Belt Marlena Vennette is now an Orange Belt Aaron Lawlor is now a Yellow Belt Matthew Miscione is now a Yellow Belt Rebecca Daley is now a Green Belt Adult Rank Rebekah Lynch is now a Green Belt Allison Ellis is now a Blue Belt Adam Nellis is now a Blue Belt Isaiah Handy is now a Purple Belt The judging panel consisted of Grandmaster Crandall, Master Stalloch, Master Freleigh, Master Morris, Master Chuff, Mrs. Crandall, Dr. Jess

Pink Belt Program

Cancer touches nearly every family, and ignorance of cancer spreads fear as fast as the malignant cells themselves. The best way to combat fear is with knowledge, and the Pink Belt program aimed to arm the mind with a better awareness and understanding. This past year, the American Martial Arts Institute, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, designed and implemented the Pink Belt Program to raise awareness regarding cancer in our community. More than 125 children and adults earned their pink belts! There were three methods to earn this unique rank. First, children ages six to 17 could take a test, which was age specific. They could seek help from their parents, teachers, and fami

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